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Don’t worry, your contact lenses have not broken. You do not have to go for another laborious meeting with your optician. You do not have to re-read the eye chart and make outlandish guesses at obscure-looking letters on a row far beyond your capability. You do not have to explain to work, once again, that your eyes are shaped like rugby balls, not footballs, and that it is all your cornea‘s fault. For the picture above is a mock up of how we see. We being those suffering with Keratoconus.

This website documents my own experience with Keratoconus. I am a 12-year veteran. I have fought many a battle and have the scars (a-hem, in-joke here) to prove it. My hope is that by documenting my ongoing treatment, progress and experiences, other people suffering will not make the same mistakes I did, will perhaps learn of an option they hadn’t thought about, and will know that someone else is going through it.

It is technical where it has to be, with priceless nuggets from some of the world’s leading doctors who reside in Moorfields Hospital London, but mostly this website is anecdotal, a scrap book of things I have learnt, been told or experienced.

I hope it proves useful and please feel free to leave comments anywhere on the site. Use the tags above the picture, or click on the links below, to navigate to the different pages and take a look on the right-hand side of this page for the latest news on Keratoconus.

  • About: Keratoconus explained simply. With a snazzy graphic to boot. And pictures of eyes.
  • My Experience: A comprehensive rundown of my experience with Keratoconus.
  • Lenses: The contact lenses I have used – assessed and rated
  • Hydrops: There was next to nothing about corneal hydrops on the internet. Now there is.
  • Graft: Corneal Grafts, or transplants, are an option for the later stages of the condition
  • Scleral:A page dedicated to an under publicised lens option for Keratoconus


NOTE: This website is no longer regularly maintained. Please see the comments section on each page for latest information from people who have Keratoconus and the treatments that have been made available to them. 

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